Premium Heated Socks


Heated Socks For Those That Really Do Suffer From Cold Feet !

2 Styles available – Red/Black Version is manual button on Sock Control £115 , Other  Grey/Black is wireless remote control £125 please make sure you select the right one at basket.

Beat the cold with Heated Socks that keep numb feet at bay no matter how brutal the conditions! Our Vulcan Sportswear after Years from Customers Feedback Heated Socks out there are just not hot enough , So I have listened and with These advanced heating socks we use sophisticated 7.4V engineering to keep your feet Toasty warm outdoors, whether you’re partaking in an extreme snow-sports activity, Fishing, hiking, or simply want to ease your symptoms as a Raynaud’s Sufferer. If you’ve experienced cold feet before, you know that keeping your feet from getting wet is essential. That’s why we’ve found the best solution for keeping your feet dry: COOLMAX. With a moisture-wicking technology, this exceptionally breathable fabric pulls sweat away from the skin to keep your feet dry and prevent chafing or chilling.

Size Guide (EU sizes) Small: 35-38, Medium: 39-41, Large:42-44, XLarge: 45-47

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Product Temperature

3 Heat settings

35°C – 55°C


Working Time

2 -6.5 Hours



  1. 7.4V/2200MAH USB Battery (2pcs)
  2. Manual button Controller on sock
  3. 5V AC Charger (1pcs)
  4. 1 x pair COOLMAX moisture-wicking technology Socks
  5. Pouch


  1. These state-of-the-art Heated Socks are ideal for Fishermen, Skiers, Snowboarders, Walkers, Cyclists, Hikers, Motorcyclists, Raynaud’s Syndrome sufferers, and anyone else who suffers from cold feet! These advanced ice-busters can be controlled using your remote control (included) for your convenience. Set your desired temperature in seconds pressing button on sock- it’s easy! You can wear your Heated Socks high, up to the knee as ski-socks. This is perfect for high-boot wear Alternatively, you can fold them down for lower boots or trainers. Explore our gallery to see what we mean!
  2. We also supply high-quality Heated Gloves and Heated Gilets at our online shop!
  3. Warmth =Health: Carbon fibre heating material releases powerful FAR infrared rays, which studies have proven to be incredibly beneficial to the human body. You’ll find improved blood circulation, boosted immunity, and improved overall health and longevity.
  4. Quality elastic fabric and COOLMAX material ensures speedy and even heating, so you don’t have to wait, with a bonus anti-crimping effect for your peace of mind.
  5. Safety: A low-voltage battery with short circuit protection, among other functions, means you don’t have to worry about harming your
  6. Strong: Vulcan’s carbon fibre heating socks are uniquely equipped with 2 x high-capacity lithium batteries. Once fully charged, the Li-ion battery can be used continuously for 2 -6.5 hours.
  7. Temperature:35-55ºC (fully adjustable)


Size Guide

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