Slim Heated Insoles

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Vulcan Slim Heated Insoles

The Slim Heated Insoles are all about stopping the Feet getting Numb and painfully cold by stopping the external chill entering inside your footwear and using infrared waves to promote blood circulation in the feet. Feet are the most sensitive to temperature when you feel cold, the blood vessels in your extremities are the first to constrict, which is the body’s way of preventing heat loss.  After speaking with cyclist, fishermen , Football Fans and Winter sports enthusiasts, standing around and cycling in the chilly winter is not pleasant and can really make you suffer so getting these Groups of people That extra warmth that matters with the thinnest Heated Insoles on the market is a game changer. They are ergonomically designed to give support, have a gel cushion heel for extra comfort and able to be fitted easily into most shoes, Cycling Shoes and boots. Their thin, rechargeable, integrated battery means you’ll never have to worry about forgetting them or dealing with cables to an exterior battery pack like other brands on the market. Feet need good breathability for comfort and health. Vulcan Slim insoles are designed with ventilation holes across the whole insole for optimal air and heat distribution. Say Bye to Cold Feet with the help of 3 Heat settings on remote to adjust to your comfort.

EU & UK Charger and battery are included in purchase inside nice Faric Pounch

This product is covered by a Two year warranty


Slim Heated Insoles

Slim Heated Insoles Specification :

1) Sizes: Please see size guide S-M-L-XL

2) Material: EVA base sandwiched inside heat pad and electronic box and soft EVA arch support

3) High 55 – Medium 45 -Low 40 Degrees C.

Data information For Slim Heated Insole:

Voltage 3.7v remote controlled temperature settings

Accessories: EU & UK charging Adapter
Battery specification DC 3.7V 2200mAh
Adapter output ≥1.0A
lithium batteries 2 hours to full charged;1.5~5.5 hours use.

Operating instructions

  • Please Read Manual provided
  • Remote to control functions, 3 Heat levels.
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries. 2 hours to fully charged, 2- 6 hours use depending on settings.

See Winningways Youtube video January 2021 on 9:00 mins onwards.



Additional information

Dimensions 9.5 × 9 cm

L, M, S, XL

37 reviews for Slim Heated Insoles

  1. Gemma Roberts

    These insoles are a game-changer for winter cycling. Toasty toes all the way!

  2. Carlos Mendoza

    Took them hiking last weekend. The warmth kept my feet comfortable even in the freezing temperatures.

  3. Ella Jameson

    Fantastic for fishing. Standing for hours has never been so cozy.

  4. Ravi Kumar

    No more cold feet during my winter activities, be it hiking or cycling. These insoles are the real deal.

  5. Lori Stephens

    Love the fact that they’re easily washable. Fresh and warm every time.

  6. Marcus Chen

    Waterproof and warm, the perfect combination for winter hiking.

  7. Sophie Turner

    Used them while fishing. Not only did they keep me warm but being waterproof was a huge plus.

  8. Jake Robinson

    Winter cycling has never been more comfortable. No more numb toes!

  9. Fatima Ali

    Went on a long hike and the insoles didn’t disappoint. Warm and snug throughout.

  10. Steve Mitchell

    These are perfect for my winter golf sessions. Keeps me focused on the game, not the cold!

  11. Yara Gonzales

    Waterproofing is top-notch. Accidentally stepped into a puddle while hiking and my feet stayed dry and warm.

  12. Owen Clarke

    For anyone into winter sports or activities, these insoles are a must-have.

  13. Liam Anderson

    The slim design fits perfectly in my cycling shoes. Highly recommend!

  14. Vanessa Smith

    Used them during a fishing trip. My feet have never been happier!

  15. George White

    Perfect for those chilly morning hikes. My feet are always warm, even in the snow.

  16. Samantha Lewis

    Took them skiing and they performed exceptionally. Toasty and comfortable.

  17. Amara Wilson

    Easy to clean, warm, and waterproof. Perfect for all my winter excursions.

  18. Pedro Martinez

    Daily winter cycling has been transformed thanks to these insoles.

  19. Olivia Price

    From fishing trips to snowy walks, these insoles have kept my feet perfectly warm.

  20. Henry Thompson

    The waterproof feature came in handy during a rainy hike. Warm and dry feet all day!

  21. Anika Patel

    A variety of winter activities and these insoles haven’t let me down once. So impressed!

  22. Grace Hamilton

    Washing them is a breeze. They’re as good as new every time.

  23. Mohammed Khan

    Perfectly slim, they fit in all my shoes without feeling bulky. A winter essential.

  24. Linda Phillips

    Went on a mountain hike and my feet felt so comfortable, even in the freezing cold.

  25. Kevin O’Brien

    Cycling in winter has become so much more enjoyable. No more freezing toes!

  26. Rosa Diaz

    Took them to a fishing trip and was pleasantly surprised. Warm and comfortable all day.

  27. David Nguyen

    Waterproof feature is impressive. Stepped into snow and water several times, but feet remained dry.

  28. Emma Watson

    From cycling to hiking, these insoles have always delivered. Exceptional warmth!

  29. Luke Young

    Used them for a variety of activities. The warmth is consistent and impressive.

  30. Zara Adams

    Went hiking in the snow and didn’t feel a thing. These insoles are simply the best.

  31. Tom Richardson

    I love the fact they’re washable. They feel fresh every time I use them.

  32. Mia Brown

    Fishing in cold conditions isn’t an issue anymore. Vulcan’s heated insoles are amazing.

  33. Aaron Martin

    Winter cycling is so much more comfortable now. Thank you, Vulcan!

  34. Nina Sanchez

    These insoles fit perfectly in my hiking boots. Warm feet throughout!

  35. Oscar Lee

    The easy-to-clean feature is a lifesaver. Always ready for the next winter adventure.

  36. Jasmine Taylor

    Whether it’s hiking, fishing, or just a walk in the snow, these insoles never disappoint.

  37. Robert Wilson

    Fishing in the cold is no longer a challenge. Thanks to Vulcan’s heated insoles.

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