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Heated Socks – Battery Heated Socks – Heated Cycling Socks – Helps Raynaud’s Sufferers

Why choose this product?

  • Our Heated Socks are ideal for those that suffer cold feet in the extreme winter weather, ideally for the football/ Rugby fan watching his/her favourite team outdoors. most importantly walkers and hikers that enjoy the marvellous winter landscape.  Skiing, snowboarding, winter cycling training to keep your feet warm, Golfing, Horse riding, suffer from Raynaud’s.  There nothing better than having nice toasty feet!
  • If your horse rider, Golfer, outdoor sports fan you might therefore want to consider the heated Gilet, or other products in the shop page.
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Heated Socks – Battery Heated Socks – Heated Cycling Socks – Helps Raynaud’s Sufferers

Heated socks can keep your numb feet at bay in cold weather. Our Vulcansportswear heating socks can keep your feet warm in whatever cold activity you do either extreme sports, for hikers and to help Raynaud’s Sufferers, but not runners.

Product Temperature

38° – 65°

Working Time

2.5 Hours – 6 Hours


  1. 5V / 2400MAH USB battery 2PCS
  2. Remote controller
  3. 5V AC Charger 1 PCS
  4. Function 1 pair of socks


  1. These Heated socks are ideally for Skiiers , snowboarders, walkers, cyclists, hikers, motorbikers, Raynaud’s suffers etc who suffer from Cold feet. They are controlled by a remote control for convenience so you can set you desire temperature from the mini remote.
  2. We also do Heated Gloves and Heated Gilet check the shop
  3. Warm Health: carbon fiber heating material can release far infrared beneficial to human body, improve blood circulation, improve immunity, health care, and longevity;
  4. elastic fabric with soft cotton material, heating up fast, even heating, anti-crimping.
  5. Safety: low-voltage battery, short circuit protection and other functions, therefore no harm to the body.
  6. Use strong: carbon fiber heating socks equipped with two high-capacity lithium batteries,

Li-ion battery is fully charged can be used continuously for 2.5-5 hours.

Temperature 45-65 degrees adjustable,

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