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Heated Socks – Battery Heated Socks – Heated Cycling Socks – Helps Raynaud’s Sufferers


Why Choose This Product?

  • Vulcan’s state-of-the-art Heated Socks are ideal for anyone suffering from cold feet in extreme winter weather Maybe you are football or Rugby fan who wants to watch your favourite team outdoors, without numb feet distracting you from the game. Perhaps you enjoy going for walks or hikes, and want to enjoy the picturesque winter landscape – without icy feet keeping you from living the life you love. Maybe you like to ski, go snowboarding, or indulge in winter cycling training, golfing, horse riding, or something else. Perhaps you suffer from Raynaud’s and are searching for a natural, proven solution to keep your feet warm while encouraging better blood flow. The list goes on, and Vulcan is here to make your goals happen. After all, what can compare to the feeling of warm, toasty feet in cold weather?
  • If you’re ahorse rider, golfer, sportsman, or outdoor sports fan, you might want to consider pairing your Vulcan Heated Socks with our Heated Gilet, among other advanced heated products in our range. Explore more on our shop page today!
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Product Temperature



Working Time

2.5-6 Hours



  1. 5V/2400MAH USB battery (2pcs)
  2. Remote Controller
  3. 5V AC Charger (1pcs)
  4. 1 xpair of socks


  1. Vulcan’s Heated Socks are the perfect cold-busting solution for Skiers, Snowboarders, Walkers, Cyclists, Hikers, Motorcyclists, Raynaud’s sufferers, or anyone else who suffers from cold feet. These sophisticated heated socks are backed by high-end technology, adjustable via a remote controller for your convenience. Set your desire temperature to your heart’s content using your mini- You can wear these heated socks high up your leg as ski socks, which is perfect for high boot wearers. Alternatively, you can fold them down for lower boots or trainers. View the pictures in our gallery to witness the versatility of Vulcan’s Heated Socks for yourself!
  2. We also supply Heated Gloves and Heated Gilet Visit our web shop today for more.
  3. Warmth = Health: Carbon fibre heating material releases powerful FAR infrared rays, which studies have proven to be incredibly beneficial to the human body. You’ll enjoy improved blood circulation, boosted immunity, and better overall health and longevity.
  4. Quality elastic fabric and soft cotton ensures speedy and even heating, so you don’t have to wait, with a bonus anti-crimping effect.
  5. Safety: A low-voltage battery with short circuit protection, among other functions, means you don’t have to worry about harming your body.
  6. Strong: Vulcan’s carbon fibre heating socks are uniquely equipped with 2 x high-capacity lithium batteries. Once fully charged, the Li-ion battery can be used continuously for 2.5-5 hours.
  7. Temperature:40-60 (fully adjustable)

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