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Heated Socks For Those That Really Do Suffer From Cold Feet !

These Heated Socks Use Either Wireless remote or Manually Control At Sock so you can choose whats more Convenient for you.

Beat the cold with Heated Socks that keep numb feet at bay no matter how brutal the conditions! Our Vulcan Sportswear after Years from Customers Feedback Heated Socks out there are just not hot enough , So I have listened and with These advanced heating socks we use sophisticated 7.4V engineering to keep your feet Toasty warm outdoors, whether you’re partaking in an extreme snow-sports activity, Fishing, hiking, or simply want to ease your symptoms as a Raynaud’s Sufferer. If you’ve experienced cold feet before, you know that keeping your feet from getting wet is essential. That’s why we’ve found the best solution for keeping your feet dry: COOLMAX. With a moisture-wicking technology, this exceptionally breathable fabric pulls sweat away from the skin to keep your feet dry and prevent chafing or chilling.

Size Guide (EU sizes) Small: 35-38, Medium: 39-41, Large:42-44, XLarge: 45-47

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Keep your feet warm and comfortable in cold weather with our Heated Socks. These socks are specifically designed to provide warmth and comfort when temperatures drop. The built-in heating system can be easily controlled with a simple button on the socks or by remote wirelessly. Whether you’re working outside, participating in winter sports or just want extra warmth, our Heated Socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Our Heated Socks are made with durable, water-resistant materials that can withstand the elements. They fit comfortably and securely, allowing you to wear them all day. A rechargeable battery powers the heating system, ensuring hours of warmth. They are easy to clean and maintain.

Choose our Heated Socks for a reliable and comfortable way to keep your feet warm in cold weather.

They’ll make all the difference!

Product Temperature

3 Heat settings

35°C – 55°C


Working Time

2 -6.5 Hours


  1. 7.4V/2200MAH  Battery (2pcs)
  2. Manual button Controller on sock battery or use wireless mini Remote
  3. 5V AC Charger (1pcs)
  4. 1 x pair COOLMAX moisture-wicking technology Socks
  5. Pouch with Instruction Manual

Size Guide

See picture size Guide in the pictures Library.

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S, M, L, XL


Button Control, Wireless Contol

48 reviews for Heated Socks

  1. Samuel Taylor

    Never knew foot warmth could be so easy to control. Just a click away with the wireless fob.

  2. Ella Brooks

    The future is here. Love the convenience of controlling the heat with the fob.

  3. David Ross

    No more cold toes on winter mornings. Plus, the wireless control is genius!

  4. Lucy Martin

    These socks are game-changers. Warmth at my fingertips!

  5. Mike Jenson

    A perfect blend of technology and comfort. The fob is super convenient.

  6. Sophia Wells

    Finally, no need to bend down or remove shoes to adjust heat. The fob makes it so easy.

  7. Alex Reed

    Impressive heat duration and the wireless control is a nifty touch!

  8. Nina Campbell

    Every winter enthusiast needs a pair. The wireless fob is a game-changer.

  9. Peter Hawkins

    These socks have elevated my winter hiking experience. Kudos to Vulcan!

  10. Mandy Ford

    Functional, warm, and the wireless control? Simply brilliant!

  11. Terry Mitchell

    The convenience of the wireless fob is unmatched. Love it!

  12. Jessica Byrne

    The perfect gift for those who hate cold feet. The fob control is so innovative.

  13. Henry Daniels

    Vulcan’s heated socks have made my winter sports so much more enjoyable. And controlling them wirelessly is a breeze.

  14. Greg Harper

    No more shivering feet on cold days. And the fob is super handy.

  15. Diana Fields

    Warmth with just a click. Vulcan has truly outdone themselves

  16. Olivia Palmer

    Who knew socks could be this high-tech and comfy? Vulcan nailed it!

  17. Karen Powell

    Impressive design, warmth, and the fob is such an innovative feature.

  18. Cliff Moore

    Say goodbye to cold feet. And the fob? Genius.

  19. Liam Graves

    Gone are the days of numb toes. And the wireless control? Genius!

  20. Carrie Baker

    Innovative and comfortable. Vulcan continues to impress.

  21. Anna White

    Warmth on demand! The fob is so intuitive to use.

  22. Marcus Lynch

    A mix of technology and comfort. These socks are next level.

  23. Bianca Murray

    Impressive technology and warmth. Vulcan’s socks are top-notch.

  24. Ryan Turner

    The convenience of the wireless fob is unmatched. Total game-changer.

  25. Ethan Snow

    Superior in warmth and technology. The fob is a game-changer.

  26. Norman Peters

    A perfect companion for cold days. The wireless control is so innovative.

  27. Lily Sanchez

    Perfect for my winter hikes. The wireless control is such a bonus.

  28. Vera Green

    A mix of style, warmth, and technology. Can’t go wrong with these socks.

  29. Leah Robertson

    Great for winter adventures. And controlling them without accessing the socks is awesome.

  30. Ron Clark

    Warm feet with just a click. The future is here!

  31. Allen Stone

    Perfect for my winter activities. The fob control is super convenient.”

  32. Ray Spencer

    Never experienced anything quite like it. Vulcan has set the bar really high.

  33. Sarah attwood (verified owner)

    I was lucky enough to get a pair of heated socks a year ago for my birthday and they have been a complete game changer. I’ve suffered from raynauds for years and these have allowed me to walk the dog, go hiking in freezing conditions/snow and go out on bike rides in winter without having to suffer the painful consequences of the disease during and after the activities. They have also helped my feet to warm up after open water swimming in the warmer months…I can’t recommend them enough. They have been hard wearing and are really easy to wash. In addition to being a fabulous product the customer service is excellent. They have been so helpful and friendly when I’ve been in touch with them and they can’t do enough to help

  34. Stella James

    The wireless fob makes adjusting the heat a breeze. Absolutely love it!

  35. Faith Rhodes

    These socks are revolutionary. The fob is a brilliant touch.

  36. Janet Wallace

    These socks keep my feet toasty, and the wireless control is the cherry on top.

  37. Rita Lawrence

    No more cold feet during my winter treks. The fob control is the cherry on top.

  38. Edwin Stewart

    The wireless fob is genius. Vulcan has truly thought of everything.

  39. Oscar Quinn

    Amazing warmth and the convenience of wireless control.

  40. Benjamin Frost

    The fob is such a clever addition. Makes controlling the heat so easy.

  41. Grant Fitzgerald

    Easy to control, warm, and so comfortable. A must-have!

  42. Joanne Wilson

    These socks are the epitome of convenience. Warmth at the push of a button

  43. Rose Nichols

    Perfect blend of technology and comfort. These socks are a must-have.

  44. Megan Scott

    Tech and comfort in one package. Vulcan has outdone themselves.

  45. Gerald Freeman

    Winter walks are now a breeze. The wireless fob is so handy.

  46. Trevor Adams

    The wireless fob is a game-changer. So much convenience!

  47. Neil

    Really impressed with this product. Have suffered for many years with cold feet when cycling. These socks have solved the problem. They have 3 heat settings, but have only had to use them on level 1. They easily last my 4 hour rides keeping my feet warm and cosy. Very impressed

  48. Michael Shields (verified owner)

    I am now going into my second winter armed with these socks. They are a game changer for anyone suffering with cold feet, awesome piece of kit and John is so helpful and a wealth of knowledge in this subject.

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