Heated Hunting Gloves


Heated Hunting Gloves

Here’s the problem with most heated gloves on the market at the moment – they’re too bulky, and we’re sure you’re tired of having to remove them to shoot, first something that requires touch feeling or use your phone. That’s why we’ve designed these Heated Hunting Gloves with open flap finger meaning you can use your favourite tool, use the trigger and digital devices without compromise by lifting the finger cover over, without needing to take Gloves off.

These are the most versatile heated Hunting/working gloves money can buy, engineered exclusively for brutal winter weather conditions. Hand-shaped heating elements cover both sides of your fingers to keep your entire hands warm. These heated gloves are waterproof, windproof, and snow-proof.

We have listened carefully to our customers’ feedback over the years, and we’re excited to bring this uniquely-designed glove to the market. Our gloves include an adjustable cuff, anti-loss leash, and a mini battery pouch in the wrist to allow for comfortable freedom of movement and the ability to grip anything.

These gloves are ideal for hunting, working, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, snow shovelling or performing any winter activity you can think of – without your fingers going numb.



Heated Hunting Gloves Specifications:


Glove Material:

-Back: High Quality Polyester.

-Front (Palm): High Quality Sheep Leather.

-Liner: Velvet Liner

-Filter: Insulation Cotton


Heating Elements: Heating element covers all the back of hand including fingers and finger tips.

Touch Screen: Conductive PU on the Tips of Index Finger and Thumb to Use Any Touch Screen Device.

Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heating Wire Resistors, Corrosion Resistant, Anti static, with Fast and High Efficient Heating, It Starts Heating Within 30 Seconds.

Strong Grip: Super Sheep Leather Material Used on Palm for Strong Grip and to prevent Slipperiness.

Joint Buckle: Strong Griped Buckles to Connect the Pair of Gloves and Easy to Carry.

Windproof Wrist and Cuff: The Adjustable Wrist Elastic Buckle to Adjust as Per Arm Fit, which Completely Resist Wind in Cold Weather.

Size Adjustable Velcro: Fine Quality Size Adjustable Velcro with Super Seal Grip.

Waterproof Zip: Nylon Zipper for Super Seal Grip and Water Protection of Batteries.

Water Resistant and Breathable: IPX44 Water Proof and Breathable Polyester Fabric.

Batteries: 7.4V 2200 mAh Polymer Lithium Rechargeable Batteries.

Power Charger: Dual Wire Charger, Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz 0.5A Max, Output: DC8.4V, 1.5 A.

Durable Portable Bag: 100% Polyester.

Available Sizes: S, M, L,



Product Features:


Heating Time:

100% Heat: 2.5 – 3 Hours

66% Heat: 3 – 5 Hours

33% heat: 4 – 6.5 Hours

Heating Modes:

On/High: Press and Hold Power Button 1st Time for Three Second.

Medium: Press Power Button 2nd Time.

Low: Press Power Button 3rd Time.

Off: Press and Hold Power Button to Switch Off.

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