Heated Glove Liners

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Heated Glove Liners


Numb fingers are no match for Vulcan’s Heated Gloves – keeping chilli fingers at bay in cold weather conditions. Our Heated Glove Liners heat up your fingers and thumbs to keep your entire hands warm, whether you’re going for a casual stroll or engaging in your favourite winter sport. Use Vulcan’s Heated Glove Liners to ease the symptoms of Raynaud’s Syndrome too.


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Why choose this product?

  • Warmth = Health:Carbon fibre heating materials have been shown to release powerful infrared rays, proven to be incredibly beneficial to human body, improving oxygen-rich blood circulation, regulating body meridians, improving immunity, and supercharging your longevity!
  • Quality Fabrics:Elastic fabric with soft cotton allows for super-fast heating, with even results and a bonus anti-crimping effect.
  • Safety:Our low-voltage battery, fused with short circuit protection, means you are in safe hands!
  • Strong: Our carbon fibre heating gloves are equipped with 2 x high-capacity lithium batteries.


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Stay warm this winter with our Heated Glove Liners. We designed them to fit comfortably inside your regular gloves, providing an extra layer of warmth. Easily control the built-in heating system with a simple button. Whether working outside, participating in cold outdoor activity, Got Raynauld’s or just wanting extra warmth, our liners will keep your hands warm and comfortable.

We made these liners with durable, stretchable and water-resistant materials that fit comfortably inside your gloves. The rechargeable battery powers the heating system, ensuring hours of warmth. Cleaning and maintenance are easy.

Choose our Heated Glove Liners for a reliable and comfortable way to keep your hands warm this winter.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to keep your hands warm and comfortable in cold weather, choose our Heated Glove Liners. They’ll make all the difference

Product Temperature: 38° – 65°

Working Time: 2.5 – 6 Hours


7.4V / 2200MAH 2PCS

8.4V AC Charger 1 PCS

1 x pair of gloves


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm


27 reviews for Heated Glove Liners

  1. Miles Thompson

    These glove liners from Vulcan have been a game-changer for me during my winter hikes. Warm and comfortable!

  2. Olivia Bennett

    As a Raynaud’s sufferer, finding the right gloves has always been a challenge. These heated glove liners have truly improved my winter experience.

  3. John Campbell

    The Vulcan Heated Glove Liners are a must-have for anyone who enjoys winter sports. My hands have never been warmer!

  4. Sophie Collins

    I was skeptical at first, but after using these glove liners, I’m sold. My Raynaud’s symptoms are noticeably reduced!

  5. Raj Mehta

    Vulcan really knows their stuff. These glove liners are perfect for my morning jogs in chilly weather.

  6. Laura Diaz

    I’ve struggled with Raynaud’s for years. These Vulcan liners are the first product that has genuinely made a difference for me.

  7. Chloe Kim

    I never thought a pair of glove liners could make such a difference in my winter routine. Thank you, Vulcan!

  8. Jake Walters

    I bought these for my wife who has Raynaud’s, and she’s been ecstatic about the warmth they provide.

  9. Anthony Ruiz

    Dealing with Raynaud’s is tough, but these liners have been a significant help in keeping my hands warm and symptoms at bay.

  10. Linda Roberts

    From skiing to winter treks, these Vulcan liners have ensured my hands stay comfortably warm.

  11. Max Anderson

    I wish I had discovered these glove liners years ago. They’ve made such a difference for my Raynaud’s!

  12. Isabella Lewis

    I got these as a gift and I’m blown away. No more frozen fingers during my winter runs.

  13. Henry Gray

    I was amazed at how effective these Vulcan liners are. My Raynaud’s episodes have been far less frequent.

  14. Maria Garcia

    These liners are a blessing! Not only do they keep my hands warm, but they’ve also significantly helped reduce the impact of my Raynaud’s.

  15. Dylan Martin

    I love the slim design of these liners. Perfect for wearing under my regular gloves.

  16. Anna Clark

    Vulcan has truly outdone themselves. These heated liners have been a lifesaver for my Raynaud’s.

  17. Zachary Patel

    Winter biking has never been this comfortable. Vulcan’s heated liners are top-notch

  18. Rachel Scott

    Finally, a product that understands the needs of Raynaud’s sufferers. Can’t thank Vulcan enough.

  19. Jason Hall

    Be it snowball fights or long walks, these Vulcan liners ensure my hands are always toasty.

  20. Nina Turner

    These liners have genuinely changed winter for me. My Raynaud’s flare-ups have significantly decreased.

  21. Evan Brooks

    I’m genuinely impressed with the quality and performance of these Vulcan heated liners.

  22. Olga Fernandez

    Having Raynaud’s means winters are tough. But with these Vulcan liners, I’ve found comfort and warmth.”

  23. Leo Jenkins

    The best part about these liners is how seamlessly they fit into my existing gloves. Warm hands all day!

  24. Clara Simmons

    Thanks to Vulcan, I’ve been able to enjoy winter activities without the constant worry of my Raynaud’s acting up.

  25. Jordan Wright

    I’ve tried several glove liners, but Vulcan’s stand out in terms of warmth and comfort.

  26. Mia Thompson

    My winter hikes are complete with these liners. They provide the perfect amount of heat.

  27. Lucas Murphy

    I can’t express enough how much these Vulcan heated liners have helped with my Raynaud’s. A game-changer!

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