7.4v Heated Glove Batteries


7.4v Rechargeable Heated Glove Battery Set with 35135 DC female connector

Can be used with Following Brands: Savior, SunWill, Daywolf, Snow Deer, Barchi, Smilodon, Sky Fox etc.

Rechargeable 7.4 Volt 2200mAh Lithium Polymer Replacement Battery Set(Two batteries)
35135 DC female connector
Batteries Using life: 500-600 cycles of charging. Please charge every six months during storage.

Old batteries are harmful to the environment, please Recycle Batteries.

Usage Instructions:
Always remove the batteries from your gloves when charging
Charge your batteries at room temperature for 6 hours prior to first use
The LED light on the charger will illuminate RED while charging.
The LED light one the charger will illuminate GREEN when Charging is complete.
Carefully connect the power wire inside the glove storage pocket to the battery.
Position the battery inside the glove pocket and seal velcro along the top to secure the battery in place.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in
Age group Adult
Assembly Assembly Required Not
COLOR black
Condition new
gender unisex
materials lithium Polymer
Set Includes  2 x 2200mAh batteries
Size One size
Support returns Buyer pays postage for return
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
working principle:
The charger design is 8.4 voltage
When the battery is fully charged, the voltage is also 8.4 voltage,
In the process of using, the voltage will drop. When it reaches 6.4 voltage, the round lamp will flash at the top gear.
It can work at the second gear temperature until the pressure is 0 voltage.
After recharging, the battery voltage returns to 8.4 voltage.
(the battery should not be fully discharged, please keep charging when the remaining 20% of the battery is charged, and fully discharge and recharge once a week)
If the working time of the battery is shortened, please check whether the output voltage of the charger reaches the rated voltage (8.4v).
It is estimated that the output voltage of the charger does not reach 8.4 voltage. Not fully charged for battery (designed to charge up to 8.4v), so the service time is limited


Always remove the batteries from your gloves when charging.

For safety , do not drop , short circuit , or operate under high temperature conditions.

If the device or the battery swells or becomes malformed , please stop using it immediately.

How to prolong the service life of lithium battery for heated gloves

Even if the lithium-ion battery is not used, its power will be slowly drain. What you have to do is top up the charge to avoid letting the battery run out completely. In order to avoid the battery draining completely, you should charge the battery to about 50% before storage, which takes about 2 hours. Then charge it every five or six months. If the battery does not heat your Gloves, it doesn’t mean that the battery is completely dead. When the power is very low, the battery power can’t heat the Gloves. currently, you should charge your battery. Of course, even if you don’t, the battery can still be used after a long period of charging.

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