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When the weather gets cooler, a good pair of cycling/Skiing gloves is a must. Frozen, numb fingers can completely ruin a great day out on the bike & Slopes. If your looking to buy a new cycling/Ski Gloves to get protection from the cold?  Even the best normal cycling/Ski Gloves in the world can’t warm you as much as a Vulcan Heated Gloves. They are very good because they harness the power of Lithium battery technology to make it even easier for you to be warm at all times giving you the cozy hygge feeling.

Here’s the problem with most heated gloves on the market at the moment – they’re too bulky, and we’re sure you’re tired of having to remove them to text or use your phone. That’s why we’ve designed these Heated Gloves with touchscreen-sensitive material, meaning you can use your favorite digital devices without compromise.


These are the most versatile heated cycling gloves/heated ski gloves money can buy, engineered exclusively for brutal winter weather conditions. Hand-shaped heating elements cover both sides of your fingers to keep your entire hands warm. These heated gloves are waterproof, windproof, and snow-proof.


We have listened carefully to our customers’ feedback over the years, and we’re excited to bring this uniquely-designed glove to the market. Our gloves include an adjustable cuff, anti-loss leash, and a mini battery pouch in the wrist to allow for comfortable freedom of movement and the ability to grip anything.


These gloves are ideal for cycling, skiing, snowboarding, snow shovelling, walking the dog in the park during winter, hiking, watching football or rugby, or performing any winter activity you can think of – without your fingers going numb.


Switch between 3 x heat settings to suit your requirements:
3 Bars – High – 55ºC
2 Bars – Medium –  45ºC
1 Bar – Low – 40 ºC

XL Black & Reflective version added to Stock for those with bigger Hands of circumference 23cm-25cm See Size chart in Scrolling Pictures.

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Specification / Contents

1 x set of Heated Gloves (Grip Palm: 100% PVC, Outer-shell: 98% polyester. 2% Spandex.

Interior: Therma Fleece)
2 x 7.4v Lithium Batteries (2200mah)
1 x UK charger

Water-Resistant To IP44

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31 reviews for Heated Cycling / Ski Gloves

  1. Alex Matthews

    These Vulcan gloves have transformed my winter cycling experience. No more frozen fingers!

  2. Elaine Warner

    The perfect pair of gloves for those chilly morning rides. The heat setting is spot on.

  3. Jeremy O’Connell

    Vulcan’s heated gloves are a cyclist’s best friend during the winter months. So comfortable and warm!

  4. Sasha Mitchell

    Used these gloves on my bike rides, and they are fantastic. Long-lasting heat and great grip

  5. Ian Carter

    Tried these for skiing even though they’re cycling gloves, and they were amazing! Warm and snug.

  6. Leila Brown

    My go-to gloves for both cycling and skiing. Vulcan has really nailed it with this one.

  7. Mohamed Ali

    Perfect for those long winter bike rides. Keeps my hands toasty and I can still feel the handlebars perfectly.

  8. Jasmine Singh

    Bought these for cycling, but they worked wonders for my skiing trip as well!

  9. Victor Mendez

    The battery life on these gloves is impressive. Perfect for cycling, and I’ve even used them for skiing!

  10. Tanya Clark

    Was skeptical at first, but these gloves exceeded my expectations. Great for cycling and they kept me warm on the slopes too.

  11. Sean White

    I never cycle without my Vulcan gloves in the winter. The warmth they provide is unparalleled.

  12. Vanessa Holt

    My husband and I got these for our winter sports. He uses them for cycling, and I’ve found them perfect for skiing!

  13. Greg Thomas

    From cycling in the city to hitting the ski slopes, these Vulcan gloves have been versatile and efficient.

  14. Mira Patel

    The fit is snug, the warmth is consistent, and the battery life is impressive. Perfect for my winter cycling needs.

  15. Aaron Smith

    Took these gloves to my skiing holiday. They’re cycling gloves, but they were just as effective on the slopes!

  16. Zoe Martin

    I was surprised at how well they worked when I used them for skiing. Also great for my daily bike commutes.

  17. Samuel Ortega

    Vulcan’s design ensures that the gloves don’t feel bulky, even with the heating elements. Makes holding the handlebars a breeze.

  18. Rebecca Liu

    These gloves are a game-changer for winter cycling. Warm hands mean safer rides

  19. Rajeev Kapoor

    Apart from cycling, these gloves were a great companion on my skiing trip. Versatile and warm.

  20. Lana Davis

    Who would’ve thought cycling gloves would be so great for skiing? Two thumbs up!

  21. Mario Rossi

    The grip, the warmth, and the comfort – Vulcan has got everything right with these gloves.

  22. Olivia Kim

    I cycle to work every day, and these gloves have made winter mornings so much more bearable.

  23. Derek Wallace

    Was pleasantly surprised when I used these for skiing. They kept my hands just as warm as any high-end skiing gloves!

  24. Nadia Hassan

    Perfect gloves for my winter cycling. The heat distribution is even and keeps my fingers from going numb.

  25. Paul Chen

    I didn’t expect cycling gloves to work so well on the ski slopes. Vulcan has made a truly versatile product.

  26. Sarah Montgomery

    No more cold fingers on my morning bike rides. These Vulcan gloves are a must-have.

  27. Jake Thornton

    I’ve tried them on both my bike rides and skiing trips. They haven’t let me down in either scenario.

  28. Mia Rodriguez

    These gloves provide the warmth I need without compromising my grip on the bike’s handlebars. Love them!

  29. Leo Zimmerman

    Took them skiing, and they were great! Can’t wait to use them for cycling in the city.

  30. Linda Carter

    From the city streets to the snowy slopes, these gloves deliver warmth consistently. So impressed!

  31. Nathan Walker

    Both my skiing and cycling adventures were made better with these Vulcan gloves. Can’t recommend them enough!

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