Aerogel Gloves

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Our most popular glove which provides excellent Insulation and reliable waterproof-breathable

These Are Excellent alternative to the expensive Battery Gloves that have kept there slim looks thanks to Aerogel, one of the best insulation materials in the world invented by NASA.  Perfect for British Autumn/ Winter with silicone grippers that make idea for cycling, Hiking etc to enable your hands to be protected from the external elements of British Winter. These are Available in Black and Black/Grey as one size fit most ideally people with a circumference hand of 7-9 inches (please see size guide of glove liners in size M/L) for a guide. 








  1. Pair Of unisex Aerogel Gloves in Black or Black/Grey


    Aerogel cold resistant, super hydrophobic anti-fouling, elastic suede cloth, silicone anti-slip, touch screen design

    Aerogel inner core, light and warm enough, anti-skid grips, touchable

    Poly heat permeability, moisture resistance damp cold, anti-scratch wear

    Added velvet lining, super hydrophobic anti-fouling technology

    Supai Aerogel Cold Resistant Touch Screen Gloves


     Black, Grey/Black


     91.8% polyester fiber 8.2% spandex


     100% polyester fiber


     100% polyester fiber + non-fibrous material (silica aerogel characteristics)

    Suitable season

     autumn and winter

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Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 8 cm

Black, Grey/Black

22 reviews for Aerogel Gloves

  1. Diana Foster

    Never have I worn gloves so warm and snug, regardless of the ‘one size’. The aerogel magic is real!

  2. Alan Blake

    I’m impressed with the fit and the warmth. Aerogel technology is truly next-level for winter gear.

  3. Karen Simmons

    Perfectly fitting gloves for my whole family. The aerogel insulation keeps our hands toasty even in the biting cold.

  4. Lucas Brown

    It’s amazing how they fit everyone so well. Aerogel ensures unmatched warmth.

  5. Tasha Oliver

    Was doubtful about the one size claim, but they fit like a dream. The warmth is unbelievable.

  6. Greg Mitchell

    Hands down, the warmest gloves I’ve owned. The fact that they adjust to any hand size is a huge bonus.

  7. Fiona Gray

    Aerogel insulation is the future. Perfect for those freezing morning commutes.

  8. Jeremy Hart

    Gloves that truly cater to everyone. Comfortable, warm, and incredibly versatile.

  9. Lila Warren

    From my husband’s hands to mine, the fit is seamless. Aerogel keeps the chill at bay.

  10. Walter Reese

    A great combination of innovation and practicality. Aerogel insulation is a game-changer.

  11. Nina Clarke

    Winter walks are so much more pleasant. The gloves mold perfectly to my hands and the warmth is unbeatable.

  12. Patrick Stone

    A snug fit for me and my daughter. The aerogel insulation ensures we’re both protected from the cold.

  13. Melissa Neal

    Never going back to regular gloves. The fit and the aerogel insulation are unmatched.

  14. Ron Evans

    They adjust to fit any hand size and provide consistent, long-lasting warmth. Top-notch!

  15. Sophie Turner

    The one-size-fits-all promise holds true, and the aerogel ensures my fingers are never cold.

  16. George Willis

    It’s like these gloves were tailor-made for me. Incredible warmth and fit.

  17. Isabel Ray

    Perfect for everyone in the family. The aerogel insulation is a revelation.

  18. David Monroe

    Warm hands all winter long. The adaptability of these gloves is astounding.

  19. Lara Gibson

    One glove for the whole family. They’re not just warm but also very comfortable.

  20. Derek Young

    From driving to snowball fights, these gloves have been fantastic. The aerogel works wonders.

  21. Janice Owens

    Winter gear that’s both innovative and functional. The fit and warmth of these gloves are unbeatable.

  22. Lewis Black

    Universal fit without compromising on warmth. These gloves are truly a winter essential.

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