Hunting package

Hunting Package

Heated Baselayer

Heated Baselayer / Heated Bodywarmer


The Unisex Vulcan Infrared Heated Baselayer

       This Infrared heated baselayer can be used in many ways, including as a thin-compression long-sleeved top (as an outer layer). Listen to music on-the-move with your phone safely held in the built-in long-sleeved zip pocket - perfect for your favourite outdoor winter activities. The baselayer features three heating zones in the back to keep your body warm, inside and out, using advanced heated carbon fiber technology. Impeccable-quality quick-drying fabric keeps moisture out and heat in. Raise your core body temperature at the click of a button, and enjoy easy switching between three modes to keep your body at your desired temperature. This baselayer is the perfect winter companion, no matter what outdoor activity you’re engaging in, from skiing to gliding, horse riding, Game Hunting, fishing, hiking, motorcycling, backpacking, travelling, Sports Performance & Recovery - you name it! along with the wellbeing benefits of Infrared


Designed In the Midlands with British Spirit.

  The Vulcan Infrared Heated baselayer is versatile and flexible enough to keep you warm and comfortable no matter the weather. This Heated baselayer is 100% machine-washable. Simply remove the battery pack and throw it in the wash, preferably within a mesh bag, at 30ºC. To prolong the life of the base-layer, avoid spin cycles or violent twisting. Size Guide .
Heated Hunting Gloves

Heated Hunting Gloves

Heated Hunting Gloves Here’s the problem with most heated gloves on the market at the moment – they’re too bulky, and we’re sure you’re tired of having to remove them to shoot, first something that requires touch feeling or use your phone. That’s why we’ve designed these Heated Hunting Gloves with open flap finger meaning you can use your favourite tool, use the trigger and digital devices without compromise by lifting the finger cover over, without needing to take Gloves off. These are the most versatile heated Hunting/working gloves money can buy, engineered exclusively for brutal winter weather conditions. Hand-shaped heating elements cover both sides of your fingers to keep your entire hands warm. These heated gloves are waterproof, windproof, and snow-proof. We have listened carefully to our customers’ feedback over the years, and we’re excited to bring this uniquely-designed glove to the market. Our gloves include an adjustable cuff, anti-loss leash, and a mini battery pouch in the wrist to allow for comfortable freedom of movement and the ability to grip anything. These gloves are ideal for hunting, working, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, snow shovelling or performing any winter activity you can think of – without your fingers going numb.
Heated Socks

Heated Socks


Heated Socks For Those That Really Do Suffer From Cold Feet !

These Heated Socks Use Either Wireless remote or Manually Control At Sock so you can choose whats more Convenient for you.

Beat the cold with Heated Socks that keep numb feet at bay no matter how brutal the conditions! Our Vulcan Sportswear after Years from Customers Feedback Heated Socks out there are just not hot enough , So I have listened and with These advanced heating socks we use sophisticated 7.4V engineering to keep your feet Toasty warm outdoors, whether you’re partaking in an extreme snow-sports activity, Fishing, hiking, or simply want to ease your symptoms as a Raynaud’s Sufferer. If you’ve experienced cold feet before, you know that keeping your feet from getting wet is essential. That’s why we’ve found the best solution for keeping your feet dry: COOLMAX. With a moisture-wicking technology, this exceptionally breathable fabric pulls sweat away from the skin to keep your feet dry and prevent chafing or chilling.

Size Guide (EU sizes) Small: 35-38, Medium: 39-41, Large:42-44, XLarge: 45-47

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