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At Vulcan, we pioneer innovation in Health & sportswear. Our cutting-edge designs and smart technology redefine performance and Health Benefits of infrared heat. From Outdoor activities to Pro sports and in home for health and warmth, we’re dedicated to elevating your experience. Embrace the future of Smart fashion with Vulcan – where style meets peak performance & wellbeing.

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At Vulcansportswear, we pride ourselves on our speed and focus. We aim to get your items delivered as quickly as possible. Most orders will be processed within 24 to 48 hours If in stock at UK warehouse for UK deliveries – excluding weekends and holidays. 

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Our store prices include UK VAT at 20%. Deliveries outside of the UK may be subject to local tax and/or customs import duty at your responsability (depending on what country the products are shipped to)

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  • Items must be BRAND NEW and UNWORN with tags to be eligible for return or exchange within 30 days of delivery.
  • We reserve the right to inspect and reject any return if items are not in original condition (BRAND NEW and UNWORN with tags).
  • The original shipping and the handling fee are non-refundable.
  • The return shipping cost will be borne by you.
  • Exchanges for different sizes are okay but customer must return at there expense.

  • How to Return

    • Step 1: Contact our customer service at for any return or exchange.
    • Step 2: We will reply with instructions.
    • Step 3: Please make sure you put your issue , personal details on paper in your return package.
    • Step 4: Once the returned package is received by our distributing center, we will proceed with the refund or exchange for you.
  • All Vulcan Products come with a 1 year Warranty.

  • If you would like to return a product or request a refund, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Vulcan team at Please be sure to include all the details of your problem, including any images that demonstrate the issue if possible.,

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Customer service of Embracing the Warmth: Exploring the Innovation of Heated Clothing

Staying warm is not just a luxury but a necessity during chilly winters or cold outdoor activities. Traditional methods like layering up with thick clothing or relying on bulky jackets can sometimes feel cumbersome and restrictive. However, thanks to advancements in technology, there's a modern solution to combat the cold—heated clothing. Heated clothing, equipped with built-in heating elements, offers a convenient and efficient way to maintain warmth even in the coldest environments. From jackets and vests to gloves and socks, these garments are revolutionizing comfort in cold weather. Customer service of

Customer service of

The Evolution of Heated Clothing: 

The concept of heated clothing has been introduced previously. People have used methods like heated stones or water bottles to keep warm. However, the modern iteration of heated clothing integrates sophisticated heating elements powered by rechargeable batteries or portable power banks.

Initially, heated clothing was primarily designed for outdoor enthusiasts like skiers, snowboarders, and mountaineers. However, as technology advanced and consumer demand grew, heated apparel became more accessible to the general public. Today, you can find heated clothing for various activities, including everyday wear, workwear, and medical applications.

Customer service of How Heated Clothing Works:

 At the heart of heated clothing are thin, flexible heating elements strategically placed within the garment. These elements are typically made from materials like carbon fibre or conductive wires that generate heat when an electrical current passes through them.

Most heated clothing comes with adjustable settings, allowing users to control the level of warmth according to their preferences. Some garments feature different heat zones, providing targeted heating to specific body areas, such as the chest, back, or hands.

Safety is a paramount concern in heated clothing design. Advanced temperature control systems and safety features prevent overheating and ensure a comfortable experience for the wearer. Additionally, most heated garments are designed to be water-resistant or waterproof, making them suitable for use in various weather conditions.

Applications and Benefits: 

The versatility of heated clothing extends across various activities and industries. Outdoor enthusiasts can now enjoy extended hours of comfort during winter sports, hunting expeditions, or hiking adventures. Commuters facing frigid temperatures can stay warm while waiting for public transportation or walking to work. Workers in cold environments, such as construction sites or warehouses, can also enhance their productivity and safety with heated workwear.

Moreover, heated clothing isn't just about comfort; it also offers therapeutic benefits. Individuals suffering from conditions like Raynaud's disease or arthritis find relief from the targeted warmth of heated gloves or socks. Furthermore, athletes and fitness enthusiasts use heated apparel to recover muscle and alleviate stiffness after intense workouts.

The Future of Heated Clothing: As technology evolves, so does the potential for innovation in heated clothing. We can expect to see advancements in materials, heating technology, and design features, further enhancing the performance and comfort of these garments. Integration with intelligent technology, such as app-controlled heating settings and health monitoring capabilities, could revolutionize how we interact with heated clothing.

Moreover, as sustainability becomes a focal point in product development, we may see advancements in eco-friendly heating solutions and materials, reducing the environmental impact of heated clothing production.

In conclusion, heated clothing represents a significant advancement in cold-weather apparel, offering unparalleled warmth, comfort, and versatility. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a commuter braving the winter chill, or someone seeking therapeutic relief, heated clothing provides a modern solution to stay warm and cosy in any environment. As technology progresses, the future of heated clothing looks brighter than ever, promising innovation and enhanced comfort for users worldwide.

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