Why Vulcan Smart Sportswear?

Vulcan Smart Sportswear is home to a unique range of ‘smart’ sportswear that keeps you warm in brutal conditions. Our collections include heated gloves, heated socks, heated Gilets, and much more. Ideal for outdoor sports, adventures, or winter vacations, our intelligent sportswear uses advanced heat-generating technology. Carbon fibre acts as a conductor for a lighter and more comfortable fit that keeps you warm without the need for layers of bulky attire. Our products are also ideal for various medical conditions that inhibit sporting activity in cold conditions, such as Raynaud’s Syndrome.

Our Story

Vulcan Sportswear is the brainchild of founder and triathlete, John Durance, who has endured his fair share of cold winters – all in the name of adventure and outdoor sports. From snowboarding to skiing to hiking, and cycling in the mountains of Iceland and Finland, John never says no when adventure comes calling.

However, for years, John searched for quality, lightweight adventure gear that would keep him warm in icy temperatures – without weighing him down. So, John started researching potential technologies, and he quickly discovered the biggest challenges of heat-generating sportswear: Conductor design and cumbersome wiring. John wondered, “what if we could use carbon fibre as a conductor, so that you can’t feel them? That, in a nutshell, is how Vulcan Smart Sportswear was born.

John wanted to create a brand name and story that aligned with his mission and the uniqueness of his products (which lies in the heat itself). In ancient Roman mythology, Vulcan is the God of Fire, related to the fire of volcanoes and the forge. This powerful force is accompanied by the symbol of Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, depicting scorching heat. John couldn’t find a more meaningful representation for what Vulcan stands for as a brand – heat.

Vulcan products are not made, they are forged.

To contact Vulcan Smart Sportswear, reach out to Customer Services.