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Vulcan Sports Wear is your #1 online destination for batteryheated clothing, heated gloves, heated socks, heated Gilets, and TONS of other heated sports performance clothing for every adventure. Carefully designed for comfort and breathability, our sophisticated garments use carbon fibre technology to generate heat. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we GUARANTEE warmth for up to 8+ hours, no matter the sport or activity.

Vulcan Sportswear is your partner in crime, beating the cold and keeping you warm so you can keep doing what you love!

Heated Clothing, Home
Up to 8 hours heating
Heated Clothing, Home
Heating element inside included
Heated Clothing, Home
machine washable
Heated Clothing, Home
lithium-ion batteries included
Heated Clothing, Home
the best comfort


Best Selling Gloves

-27% Heated Clothing, Home

Heated Cycling / Ski Gloves

£150.00 £110.00

Heated Cycling Ski Gloves

Here’s the problem with most heated gloves on the market at the moment - they’re too bulky, and we’re sure you’re tired of having to remove them to text or use your phone. That’s why we’ve designed these Heated Gloves with touchscreen-sensitive material, meaning you can use your favorite digital devices without compromise.   These are the most versatile heated cycling gloves/heated ski gloves money can buy, engineered exclusively for brutal winter weather conditions. Hand-shaped heating elements cover both sides of your fingers to keep your entire hands warm. These heated gloves are waterproof, windproof, and snow-proof.   We have listened carefully to our customers’ feedback over the years, and we’re excited to bring this uniquely-designed glove to the market. Our gloves include an adjustable cuff, anti-loss leash, and a mini battery pouch in the wrist to allow for comfortable freedom of movement and the ability to grip anything.   These gloves are ideal for cycling, skiing, snowboarding, snow shovelling, walking the dog in the park during winter, hiking, watching football or rugby, or performing any winter activity you can think of - without your fingers going numb.   Switch between 3 x heat settings to suit your requirements: 3 Bars - High - 55ºC 2 Bars - Medium -  45ºC 1 Bar - Low - 40 ºC
-23% Heated Glove Liners

Heated Glove Liners

£129.00 £99.00

Heated Glove Liners

  Numb fingers are no match for Vulcan’s Heated Gloves - keeping chilli fingers at bay in cold weather conditions. Our Heated Glove Liners heat up your fingers and thumbs to keep your entire hands warm, whether you’re going for a casual stroll or engaging in your favourite winter sport. Use Vulcan’s Heated Glove Liners to ease the symptoms of Raynaud's Syndrome too.  

Need thin gloves with palm grips? Try out our Slim heated Gloves for only £105!


Why choose this product?

  • Warmth = Health:Carbon fibre heating materials have been shown to release powerful infrared rays, proven to be incredibly beneficial to human body, improving oxygen-rich blood circulation, regulating body meridians, improving immunity, and supercharging your longevity!
  • Quality Fabrics:Elastic fabric with soft cotton allows for super-fast heating, with even results and a bonus anti-crimping effect.
  • Safety:Our low-voltage battery, fused with short circuit protection, means you are in safe hands!
  • Strong: Our carbon fibre heating gloves are equipped with 2 x high-capacity lithium batteries.

Size Guide

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We also supply Heated Socks and Heated Gilets - visit our online shop for more!

-24% Heated Clothing, Home

Heated Snowboard Mittens

£170.00 £130.00

Vulcan’s state-of-the-art Heated Snowboard Mittens are totally wind and water-proof, with advanced IP44 protection around the fingertips, thumbs, and back palm. Our sophisticated heated technology is made possible via a carbon fibre heating element, carefully controlled by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for your safety, peace of mind, and convenience. The system works using an external button on the glove, empowering you with the flexibility to control your preferred heating levels. These cutting-edge Hand-Heating Mittens are totally adaptable for hands of all shapes and sizes, thanks to the gloves’ elastic wrist enclosure and Velcro strap. Together, these prevent water and snow from penetrating the gloves and reaching your hands. Enjoy winter, stress-free! BONUS: Reinforcements with high-quality leather provide superior strength and durability for critical hand-areas. Vulcan’s Heated Snowboarding Mittens are also perfect for individuals suffering from Raynaud’s Syndrome or Systemic Sclerosis, or anyone who struggles to fit into gloves owing to thickened skin, bent fingers, or something else. Regardless, Vulcan’s Heated Snowboard Mittens are the solution you’ve been searching for!


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-25% Heated Clothing, Home

Slim Heated Gloves

£140.00 £105.00

These Vulcan Slim Heated Gloves thoroughly heat the fingertips and palms using leading heating engineering and technology. A built-in thumb towel means you can wipe sweat from your face at a moment’s notice. These advanced hand-heating gloves can be used as outer gloves during dry winter conditions - perfect for any outdoor activity that requires grip and the ability to feel. These gloves are also great for when it’s raining heavily! You can also then use these gloves as glove liners and slip your desired sports glove or waterproof glove over them for added protection. When worn as inner gloves, these will provide extra insulation.

The Vulcan Slim Heated Gloves have 3 x heat settings, empowering you to control and adjust the perfect temperature in seconds. The gloves give you excellent range of movement, and are pleasant to wear, thanks to highly stretchable and breathable fabric. For optimal comfort and ease of use, we’ve included in-built touchscreen-friendly fingertips - so you can use your smart devices without compromise.

Ideal For Cycling, Horse-Riding, Running, Gliding, Fishing, Golfing, Raynaud’s Syndrome, and much more!

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Best Selling Socks

-27% Heated Clothing, Home

Heated Ski Socks

£150.00 £110.00

Heated Ski Socks – Remote Control (Wireless) Heated Socks – Battery Clip-On

Beat the cold with Heated Socks that keep numb feet at bay no matter how brutal the conditions! Our Vulcan Sportswear advanced heating socks use sophisticated engineering to keep your feet warm outdoors, whether you’re partaking in an extreme snow-sports activity, hiking, or simply want to ease your symptoms as a Raynaud’s Sufferer.

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-23% Heated Clothing, Home

Heated socks

£129.00 £99.00

Heated Socks – Battery Heated Socks – Heated Cycling Socks – Helps Raynaud’s Sufferers

Why Choose This Product?

  • Vulcan’s state-of-the-art Heated Socks are ideal for anyone suffering from cold feet in extreme winter weather Maybe you are football or Rugby fan who wants to watch your favourite team outdoors, without numb feet distracting you from the game. Perhaps you enjoy going for walks or hikes, and want to enjoy the picturesque winter landscape - without icy feet keeping you from living the life you love. Maybe you like to ski, go snowboarding, or indulge in winter cycling training, golfing, horse riding, or something else. Perhaps you suffer from Raynaud’s and are searching for a natural, proven solution to keep your feet warm while encouraging better blood flow. The list goes on, and Vulcan is here to make your goals happen. After all, what can compare to the feeling of warm, toasty feet in cold weather?
  • If you’re ahorse rider, golfer, sportsman, or outdoor sports fan, you might want to consider pairing your Vulcan Heated Socks with our Heated Gilet, among other advanced heated products in our range. Explore more on our shop page today!

Heated Clothes

Best Selling Clothes

-17% Heated Clothing, Home

Heated Baselayer / Heated Bodywarmer

£150.00 £125.00

The Unisex Vulcan Heated Base-layer

This heated base-layer can be used in many ways, including as a thin-compression long-sleeved top (as an outer layer). Listen to music on-the-move with your phone safely held in the built-in long-sleeved zip pocket - perfect for your favourite outdoor winter activities. The base-layer features three heating zones in the back to keep your body warm, inside and out, using advanced heated carbon fiber technology. Impeccable-quality quick-drying fabric keeps moisture out and heat in. Raise your core body temperature at the click of a button, and enjoy easy switching between three modes to keep your body at your desired temperature. This base-layer is the perfect winter companion, no matter what outdoor activity you’re engaging in, from skiing to gliding, horse riding, fishing, hiking, motorcycling, backpacking, travelling - you name it!  

Designed In the Midlands with British Spirit.

  The Vulcan base-layer is versatile and flexible enough to keep you warm and comfortable no matter the weather. This Heated base-layer is 100% machine-washable. Simply remove the battery pack and throw it in the wash, preferably within a mesh bag, at 30ºC. To prolong the life of the base-layer, avoid spin cycles or violent twisting. Size Guide .

Heated Gilet | Heated Fishing Gilet | Heated Riding Gilet | Heated Golfing Gilet


Winter blues? Our Heated Gilet features three heat settings to keep you warm and comfortable during your favorite cold-weather sports and activities, like golf, fishing, horse-riding - you name it!


Why choose this product?

  • Our Heated Gilets ideal for the causal outdoor winter-lover who enjoys riding horses, fishing, winter golfing, watching football and rugby, and more on a chilly winter’s This lightweight Gilet is carefully designed for optimal comfort. It’s also waterproof, windproof, and importantly, breathable - all while keeping you warm and toasty no matter the weather or location.
  • The idea behind the Heated Gilet is to warm your critical internal body organs to keep your body from forcing blood away from your hands and feet. It’s a smart, advanced way to literally heat you up from the inside out!
  • If you do suffer from numb,cold feet and hands, please check out the other heated products found on our Shop Page.

Performance wear

Best Selling Performance wear

Heated Performance Baselayer


Vulcan Heated Performance Baselayer


If interested, please send your query to john@vulcansportswear.com for more.


This unisex Heated Performance Baselayer (long-sleeved shirt/garment) was designed especially for swimmers in unison with Dr Steve Faulkner - a senior Sports Engineering and Physiology lecturer at Nottingham Trent University’s Department of Engineering. Steve is diversely knowledge and experienced in the various factors that contribute to human performance (sports and health), including thermoregulation, skeletal muscle physiology, and technology development.

The Heated Performance Base-layer targets the latissimus dorsi, pecks, and deltoid muscle groups to achieve optimal muscle temperatures for your best performance yet. Perfect for any sport that requires arm power!

Designed in the Midlands with British Spirit.


Reasons to invest in the Vulcan Heated Performance Base-layer:

  1. These can be used to help you laser-target specific arm muscle groups to warm them up before your main activity. This way, you’ll get the most out of your arm workout while ensuring you can speed up muscle recovery.
  2. Keep your muscles at peak temperature between workouts, so you don’t encounter negative performance impact.
Size Guide .

Heated Performance Pants


Vulcan Heated Performance Pants


SOLD OUT PLEASE CONTACT john@vulcansportswear.com for more information on next due date.


These Heated Performance Hot Pants have been uniquely designed in partnership with Dr Steve Faulkner for the HUUB WATT Bike Test Team, for use during the 2018 UCI Track World Cup season. The team took home the GOLD in London, and a SILVER in Canada, going onto become British National Champions in the 4km team pursuit and individual pursuit. The team also took the GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE in 4km and 1km races.

Dr Steve Faulkner is a senior Sports Engineering and Physiology lecturer at Nottingham Trent University’s Department of Engineering. Steve is diversely knowledgeable and experienced in the combined factors that contribute to human performance (sports and health), including thermoregulation, skeletal muscle physiology, and technology development.

Today, these state-of-the-art Heated Pants target the calves, thighs, hamstrings, and glutes, all in a bid to help you achieve optimal muscle temperatures and boost performance and recovery.

Use heated performance pants to improve recovery by:

•Stimulating area-specific blood flow •Increasing blood lactate removal •Reducing inflammation and fluid build-up Stimulating circulation •Reducing stiffness and pain •Increasing joint range of motion •Reducing the onset of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMs) •Great option as part of your active recovery, they bring many of the same benefits as common active recovery methods but without the same energy demands.  Increasing blood flow and cell waste removal and therefore boosting recovery.

How do you get the best results? To get the best results from heated performance pants put on at least 10 minutes post- competition / post-training to start seeing the possible benefits of quicker recovery.

We are excited to announce that we have launched yet another new heated performance product for Swimmers , based on the hard work we have been doing in collaboration with Dr Steve Faulkner. Our goal is to ensure that you can access the best Heated Performance Pants money can buy, keeping your leg muscles at optimal temperatures!

These Heated Performance Pants are ideal for track cyclists, TT cyclists , footballer, rugby players, Runners, cross-fitters, and more, along with the substitution bench in football, rugby, hockey, track and field athletics, and a variety of other sports too.

Reasons to invest in Vulcan’s Heated Pants:


  • Sufficiently warm up your leg muscles prior to your main activity.
  • Avoid injury and get most out of your leg workout.
  • Speed up muscle recovery.
  • Keep your muscles at peak temperature between workouts. If yours muscles heat up and cool down too quickly, you will likely see a negative impact on performance. Vulcan’s Heated Pants help you avoid this!
  • Vulcan’s Heated Pants help keep substitute players warm in cold British weather, ensuring you are totally prepared to step onto the pitch on short notice!

The pants come with robust side zips so you can slip in and out of your boots with ease!


Click here to view our Size Chart and Guide!


Check out some of Dr Faulkner’s previous projects!


Lindsey Vonn, Chasing Gold: Heated pants are Key (mini video)

-50% Heated Clothing, Home

Vibrating Peanut Ball

£89.99 £45.00

Vulcan Vibrating Peanut Ball

Why choose this product?


The ultimate vibrating peanut ball - tested and recommended by therapists and trainers. Get instant pain relief and enjoy fast recovery from workouts. Ideal for CrossFit, weightlifting, and vigorous workouts - or even a recovery day. Finally - enjoy a self-massage, anytime, anywhere, with the portable and lightweight peanut ball!

First of all, this self-massage tool is best for Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Acupressure, Moxibustion, and Reflexology Therapies.

Heat up to 2 hours on a full-charge. Fast recovery.

  • SAY GOODBYE TO SORE MUSCLES: If you use foam rollers or lacrosse balls to recover, you are going to LOVE the Vulcan Peanut Ball. Dual vibrating spheres dig deep and allow you to work on your neck, back, legs, and more.
  • CHOOSE FROM 4 INTENSITY LEVELS: The Vulcan Peanut Ball has 4 x speeds (Low, Medium, High, and Pulse). Whether you’ve just crushed a CrossFit WOD, are sore from a gym workout, or have recently run a marathon, we’ve got the right level for you to optimally release tension and rejuvenate your muscles.
  • TRUSTED BY RUGBY PLAYERS, WEIGHTLIFERS & CROSSFIT ATHLETES: The vibrating peanut ball is used by the pros to recover quickly, rehabilitate from injuries, and perform at an elite level.
  • PERFORM AND FEEL YOUR BEST: Our Vibrating Peanut Ballis loved by athletes, runners, martial artists, powerlifters, cross-fitters, and anyone looking to reach peak physical fitness.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY: We’ve crafted the Vulcan Vibrating Peanut Ball using the highest quality materials, and we are so sure you will love it that we offer a 100% no-questions-asked one-year warranty. Try the Vibrating Peanut Ball today, risk-free, and experience an unbeatable deep tissue massage from the best vibrating massage ball on the market!
  • If this is not your thing please look at The wireless EMS that uses electronic magnetic simulation to vibrate your muscles to either reduce pain and speed up recovery via a App.
Heated Clothing, Home

Wireless EMS Massager


This wireless electrical muscle stimulator can relax muscles, reduce fatigue, and even relieve shoulder, neck, and back pain. Enjoy healthy massages backed by science for the whole family.

Wide Range of Body Treatments

If you are experiencing muscle soreness from regular exercise, or simply suffer from aches somewhere in your body, then this massager will help you alleviate it all!

Multiple Intensity Selection

Adopt 10 x levels of intensity from warm-up to high-intensity! Meet your diverse needs to the max.

All-Encompassing Massage Experience

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology triggers muscle contraction by stimulating the motor nerves directly through external current. Relaxes the whole body.

Any Occasion

From relaxing to walking, reading, and working, use it for everything!


- Koogeek Massager

- EMS Technology

- Muscle Stimulation Electrical Technology

- Free app

  • Available on iOS and Android

- Automation control

  • Adopt 10 x levels of intensity

- Long battery life

  • Works forup to 300 minutes after a full charge


International Accredited Certifications RoHS-compliant silica gel is totally harmless, toxin-free, and environmentally friendly. The attached self-adhesive medical-grade gel patches have passed all human biocompatibility tests and obtained full international certification.

Powerful App Function Connect wirelessly to your phone. The Koogeek app offers multiple massage modes including music play, massage, relaxation, and exercise options.

Safe & Reliable Adopt 10 x levels of intensity from warm-up to high-intensity exercise - and start to relax with full automation control. This EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) massager is clinically-proven to be safe and effective. It does no harm to the body. Enjoy healthy massages backed by science!

Easy to Use Fix the smart massager into any position you want to relax in. To power on, press the “+” button for 3 seconds. To power off, press the “-” button for 3 seconds. Automatic shutdown will occur after 23 minutes of inactivity.

Anytime and Anywhere You can use the massager in any situation, whether you are reading, walking, doing housework, or working at the office. A convenient pocket-size and wireless connection allow you to enjoy instant relief anywhere, anytime.

Long Battery Life Works for up to 300 minutes after a full charge, thanks to the built-in 160mAh rechargeable lithium battery.


Best Selling Batteries

Fast Charging wireless Graphene power bank


Graphene Power Banks to Up Your Charging Game

Charging your Devices on the move every day can be a pain until you purchase a Vulcan Graphene Power Bank! A First 4 in 1 device Charger, that will charge your phone wirelessly, and recharges super fast too.

Graphene is the next big thing in battery technology. Researchers have been working to make Graphene batteries mainstream because they are far better than the Lithium Polymer batteries that we are using today. Thanks to its properties like higher energy density, higher electrical conductivity, flexibility, strength and more, Graphene batteries are superior to Li-Po batteries. They are lighter, more durable, last longer, and can store more charge than Li-Po batteries in the same size. Graphene power banks are superior to lithium polymer power banks. Not only they recharge quickly but they also last longer. Treat yourself to the lastest in Graphene Technology , ideal for the busy phone user, or gadget intense person for all things on the move.

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